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Past the Point - Joomla Template setup instructions



Please make sure you backup your existing Joomla! website before attempting to install and configure this template. Make sure you backup both your Joomla! database, and the files that your website is comprised of.

DownloadJoomlaTemplatesFree strongly recommends that you never install & test a new template on your existing site.

The following instructions assume that you are working with a simple Joomla! installation with some existing menus & modules that will be reassigned to the necessary module positions in order for them to display in the Past the Point template.

The steps below are being demonstrated using a fresh installation of Joomla! 2.5.7 that has had the "Default English (GB) Sample Data" installed.

These steps do not necessarily need to be taken in this exact order. If you choose not to undertake the steps in the specified order, the screenshots may not accurately depict what you will see on your website.

Once you've installed Joomla! and assigned the template as the default template, the following steps need to be taken in order to complete setting up the Past the Point template on your website.